Furniture assembly done by Allied Moving & Services.

Other Moving Services

We do more than just move folks from one location to another. Below, see some of the other services we can supply.


Undoubtedly the hardest part of moving is loading and later unloading your property. If you want to move yourself, Call Allied Moving & Services, LLC  to help you load or unload your truck, trailer, or rental. We are happy to help with everything from your boxes to your large appliances like your refrigerator.


Another annoying part of moving is having to pack or unpack your belongings. For anything you need to be packed, Allied Moving & Services, LLC is here to help. Whether you need us to pack one closet or your whole house, we can take the pain and hassle out of it.


It’s a big step to finally replace your furniture. Sometimes the hardest part of that step can be getting rid of the furniture that you want to replace. Allied Moving & Services, LLC can clear your space for you. Out with the old and in with the new. You tell us what you want gone and we’ll get rid of it. Need help with your new furniture? Check out our pricing on furniture assembly!


Found the perfect piece of furniture for your house, but it comes in 1000 pieces? Allied Moving & Services, LLC will take the hassle out of putting together your new furniture. We will even pick it up for you! Need help getting rid of your old furniture? Check out our pricing on furniture removal!


Trying to sell your home? Allied Moving & Services, LLC will help you set up your home for any open house.